What is BEMER Therapy?

Non-Invasive Technology

BEMER therapy is a non-invasive technology that has been designed to increase circulation in our microvessels . When considering what the root cause of many issues are in the body, in many cases, it comes down to poor bloodflow, low oxygen environments, low nutrient exchange and poor metabolic waste removal. BEMER therapy has been scientifically proven to increase our body's ability to do all of these! 

BEMER increases oxygen utilization in the body by 29 - 30%, ATP production in the mitochondria by 18%, venous bloodflow return to the heart by 24% and lymph flow by up to 32%... all after only 8 minutes of therapy! In addition, all of these benefits last 12 - 18 hours after your BEMER session! 

If you would like to learn more about this revelutionary technology you can contact us for a complimentary session along with some educational material. To set up an appointment, please contact us at Enhanced Living Chiropractic!