Do I need a doctor’s referral?

To become a patient of our clinic you do not need a referral from another doctor. Although, we do encourage working with all other medical professionals that you may be seeing to create an open professional environment to get you better as fast as possible!

Can I use BEMER therapy without being a patient of the clinic? 

Anyone in the community is allowed to come into the clinic and utilize our BEMER services. We do require signing an informed consent and a small health questionnaire to better determine how we can better target your discomforts. Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes for BEMER therapies.

Do we accept insurance?

Enhanced Living Chiropractic does not accept any form of insurance. We provide services that focus on quality of care and adequate amounts of time spent with each and every patient. While we do not personally accept insurance, we do provide you with the necessary documents to submit for insurance reimbursement.

What is BEMER Therapy?

BEMER therapy is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency that stimulates motion within our microvessels, specifically the capillaries. This frequency increases the amount of blood flow in our microcirculation by a staggering 28 - 32% in 8 minutes! The benefits of the increased bloodflow last 12 - 18 hours after the session.

What is your new patient procedure?

As a new patient of our clinic, you will be asked to fill out our health appraisal questionnaire prior to seeing the doctor in order to understand everyday stressors in life that may be playing a part into your health condition. At the beginning of the exam, the doctor will ask further questions and discuss your health history to begin the process of uncovering the root cause of your health condition. We use advanced techniques such as Applied Kinesiology and Functional Medicine to evaluate structure, muscle function and overall metabolic health. We also use several functional health assessments to determine your body's ability to handle stressors as well as technology to gather body composition, hydration status and overall cellular health.